Welcome to "Remembering 9/11," a cultural archives project hosted by American Culture Studies (AMCS) at Washington University in St. Louis.

AMCS is an interdepartmental program that fosters multidisciplinary study of American culture. The program has chosen the occasion of the tenth anniversary of September 11 to invite the university community to both memorialize 9/11 and reflect upon its significance.

The project will begin with "Washington University Remembers 9/11: A Panel Discussion". Click here for more on the panel and other 9/11 events taking place on campus.

Throughout the rest of the anniversary year, AMCS will collect artifacts that reveal 9/11's impact on the university and its members, including interviews, written reflections, speeches, oral histories, and original works of art. It will also document the various 9/11 memorial activities going on around campus, and seek to facilitate additional conversation on the subject of 9/11 memory and response.